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The Happy Beat

About This Album

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Produced by Rann Productions, Inc.
Production Coordinator: Ernie Altschuler
Reording Sessions Supervised by Bob Ballard
Cover Photo: Bob Cato

Liner notes

Mr. Ernie Altschuler
Columbia Records
799 Seventh Avenue
New York 19, New York

Dear Ernie:

Having just concluded a "grass roots" survey to determine why my albums are so popular with all record buying age groups, I suggest that we call the new album THE HAPPY BEAT for the following reasons:
Our studies show that the Ray Conniff record buyers like the arrangements and the way the voices are used, but most of all they like THE HAPPY BEAT of the rhythm section .
Housewives start their day to it, college students study and relax to it, bachelors do whatever bachelors do to it (with honorable intentions of course), married couples entertain to it, teenagers do their homework to it, people who attend our concerts tap their feet to it, and everyone likes to dance to it.
Listen to a few bars of "Volare" and "I'll Walk Alone" and see if you don't agree that the only correct title for this album is:


Best Regards,

Ray Conniff

P.S. Here's the other information you requested:

Clarinet solo — John Bambridge
Piano solos — Bobby Hammack
Lead trumpet — Conrad Gazzo
Clavietta work — Yours truly
Recorded in California by Ernest Chapman — Engineer