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Somebody Loves Me

About This Album

Cover Photo: Henry Parker
The Ray Conniff Cover Girl: Bonnie Trumpeter

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Liner notes

Ray Conniff has a unique way with music. In his latest album for Columbia, Conniff's Singers depart from their customary role as a section of the orchestra; once again they sing song lyrics, rather than the "ba-ba's" and "do-do's" which have become synonymous with the Conniff style. ï Two different moods are represented in this collection of love songs. "Somebody Loves Me" and "Don't Fence Me In" illustrate a happy, "walkin'" beat used in half of the songs in this album; "Golden Earrings" and "The Thrill Is Gone" are typical of the moody ballad treatment given to the remaining selections. ï An intriguing musical instrument, the clavietta, sets the mood for "Golden Earrings," "The Green Leaves of Summer," and "Moon Song." ï Conniff himself plays this instrument for the first time in any of his albums. With a sound somewhere between an accordion and a harmonica, the clavietta adds new dimension and color to the already brillian Conniff sound. ï Stereo listeners will be interested in the three channel pick-up used for Conniff's Columbia recordings. On the left channel are heard the male singers, the piano and the percussionist. On the right channel are heard the female singers and the harp. The center channel records the rhythm section, including guitars, bass and drums. The left and right channel exchange of voices provides startling stereo effects.