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Ray Conniff Live In Japan

About This Album


This 2-LP set was released only in Japan. Most of the album was reissued on CD as part of a 5-CD set called A Gift From Ray Conniff: S'Wonderful from the Sony Music Club in Japan.

Ray Conniff and the Singers: Jim Wheeler, Harry Martin, Stan Beard, Frank Fetta, Milt Chapman, Don Stein, Errol Horn, Fred Goodman, Heidi Oistad, Julie Robertson, Joann Claudianos, Judy Murdock, Orriel Smith, Lynn Lauridsen, Pamela Ramseyer, Jackie Allen

Tenor Sax & Clarient: Skeets Herfurt
Drums: Panama Francis
Trumpet: John Best
And Nobuo Hara & His Sharps & Flats

Recorded Live at: Festival Hall, Osaka, June 15th, 1975; Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, June 18th, 1975

Sound & Light: Richard Maltby
Engineer: Tomoo Suzuki
Photo: Mikio Yamabi
Design: Shuichi Yoshida
Directed by Michio Akanuma

This album was packaged very well, showing 22 color photos of Ray with his family, orchestra, and singers. A four page insert contains additional photos as well as the lyrics to all the songs in both Japanese and English. Below are some of the photos: