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Concert In Rhythm, Vol. II

About This Album

This album was released on CD in the United States in 1987 but was only in print a short time. It was later issued on CD in Brazil with the title 'S Concert, Vol. 2 with good sound quality but "One Fine Day" was in mono.

Liner notes

In this second Concert in Rhythm, Ray Conniff once again enlivens some splendid themes from the symphonic and theatrical masters, presenting them in a series of delightful "improvisations" that give them his inimitable and irresistible dancing beat.

In this delectable enterprise he is assisted by the Conniff Singers and pianist Bernie Leighton, who provides the sparkling interludes in the Chopin and Grieg selections, Addinsell's Warsaw Concerto and the themes from Tchaikovsky Pathétique symphony. Other composers represented are Liszt, Saint-Saëns, Puccini, and ó from the operetta classics ó Lehar and Noel Coward.

This second Concert In Rhythm is represented in response to literally thousands of requests, for so popular has Ray's dance music become that he is touring the country giving concerts, where listening, rather than dancing, is the order of the evening. (At home, of course, there is no barrier to dancing, even through the concerts.) But whether you are listening or dancing, there are the wonderful blends of colors and voicings, the incomparably right tempos, and the delightful improvisations and arrangements of Ray Conniff for your continuing pleasure.