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So Much In Love

About This Album

Produced by Rann Productions / Supervised by Frank De Vol
Cover Photo: Henry Parker
The Conniff Cover Girl: Linda De Vol

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Liner notes

"So Much in Love!" offers a refreshing and different Conniff approach. This time, the Ray Conniff singers step out from the orchestra to sing twelve great love songs which are paired off so that each medley tells a musical story about people who are "so much in love."
For example, in the first medley, the girls sing the nostalgic "Autumn Leaves," recalling a lost or distant love. The men answer with "Just Walking in the Rain," as they find themselves in pretty much the same situation. The two songs are interwoven to complete the story in song.
As you listen, you may even find yourself remembering romantic situations suggested by these songs... after all, hasn't everybody, at one time or another, been "So Much in Love!"