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My Way

About This Album

This album was released in Brazil on August 15, 1998 and in the United States on October 6, 1998 (Ivy Music 559 236 2).


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Credits and liner notes:


Recorded and mixed from July 13 to 18, at O'Henry Sound Studios, which are located in Burbank, California. A Sony state-of-the-art 48 Track Digital Tape Recorder was used together with a Custom API console.
The Sound Engineers were Dick Bogert and his Assistant Jeff Shannon.
Ray Conniff was the Arranger, Producer and Conductor of the recordings.


Rick Baptist (1st Trumpet)
Darrel Gardner (2nd Trumpet)
Tim Rubottom (3rd Trumpet)
Bill Tole (1st Trombone)
Dick Hamilton (2nd Trombone)
Ernie Tack (3rd Trombone)
John Bambridge (1st Alto Sax)
Don Shelton (2nd Alto Sax)
Bryan Scanlon (1st Tenor Sax)
Lou Ciotti (2nd Tenor Sax)
Jennifer Hall (Baritone Sax)
Ted Hughart (Fender Bass)
Jerry White (Drums)
John Chiodini (Guitar)
Greg Turner (Guitar)
Paul Viapiano (Guitar on one date)
Tom Ranier (Piano)
Bobby Nafarrete (Synthesizer)
Perry La Marca (Keyboard OD's and Recording Supervisor)
Stephanie Bennett (Harp)
Wally Snow (Percussion)
Alan Estes (Percussion)
Fred Cooper (Music Contractor)


Laura Savitz (1st Soprano)
Terry Harriton (2nd Soprano)
Erin Theriault (1st Alto)
Sandra Howell (2nd Alto)
Rick Logan (1st Tenor)
Enoch Asmuth (2nd Tenor)
David Theriault (1st Baritone and Contractor)
Jeff Dolan (2nd Baritone)


Tom Ranier: Piano solo on "My Kind Of Town"
Perry La Marca: Piano solos on "New York, New York"
Ray Conniff: Clavietta on "My Way" and trombone on "Strangers In The Night"

Ray Conniff, Producer, Arranger and Conductor.

This album was mastered at Bernie Grundman Studios in Hollywood, California by Chris Bellman. 
Art Direction: Geraldo Pinto.
This Master Recording is owned and copyrighted by Ray Conniff / IVY Music 1998

Liner notes

On a night off in New York City in l939 when I was playing first trombone for the Bob Crosby Bobcats, a few of the members and I decided to go out to the Meadowbrook Ballroom in New Jersey to hear the great Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.

During the evening Tommy visited our table and told us he was going to introduce a fantastic new singer he had just hired, who in his words, "had a great natural way of phrasing and breathing when he interpreted a song." 

When Tommy went back on the bandstand and introduced this new singer, we were all very impressed with his talent and singing style. He was truly outstanding!

His name was Frank Sinatra, and of course he went on from there to a brilliant career that will probably never be equaled.

We just lost this great ta1ent this year (1998), and he is probably now singing to the backgrounds of other wonderful musicians like Louie Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Buddy Rich and the great Tommy Dorsey himself, all of whom are now no longer with us.

Frank was an inspiration to us all in the entertainment industry because of the quality of his work and the great songs he chose to record, such as those we are presenting in this album. He truly gave us all great goals of excellence to shoot for.

If I could get a message to him by mental telepathy this is what I would say: 

"This album is in homage to you, Frank, and if you and the fellows up there are able to hear these tracks where you are now, I hope you will like our interpretation of them.

Give my regards to Louie, Benny, Duke and Buddy and tell Tommy to save a place in the trombone section for me. I'm coming up on my 82nd birthday November 6th of this year and I always like to plan ahead on my itinerary for future 'Gigs' in the Music Business.

When it comes time for me to join the band, I'd love to write a few more arrangements for you like the three we recorded back in l951 with the great Harry James Band. Remember?

God Bless and Keep Singin' and Swingin' 
Ray Conniff 

P.S.: I forgot to mention Frank, I recorded all of the songs 'My Way'