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About This Album

Producer and Musical Conductor: Ray Conniff
Trombone Solos: Ray Conniff
The original live recording was made on 48 track digital at A+M Studios in Hollywood, California on September 13th and 14th, 1993. All mixing, editing and mastering were done strictly digital as well, by recording engineer Dick Bogert, assistant engineers Greg Golden and John Aguto and editing and mastering engineer Dave Collins. Special thanks to Fred Cooper, Dave Theriault and Perry La Marca for their invaluable assistance on the recording sessions.

Art Direction + Design: Rod Dyer Group
Photography: Ron Slenzak

Liner notes

Music has given me a great life. But in all of my years of recording, this particular album takes on a "special" meaning. The experience of working with 18 live musicians and 8 live singers, performing simultaneously, is extraordinarily inspirational. (Note: The only overdubbing was done by the singers to strengthen the title lines of Torero, America, Escandalo and Vuela, Vuela).
Throughout an entertainer's career, there are always certain performances that stand out as unique and more satisfying than others. I have been fortunate to have had a number of those occasions in my lifetime. During the recording of both O Canto Da Cidade and Vuela, Vuela, I experienced two of those magical moments.
Everything just seemed to come together with that extra added quality that rarely happens at recording sessions.
There are many people to thank who have contributed to my successes throughout my career — but most importantly, I thank you, the fans who continually support me and my music.
Once again, I wish you all "Happy Listening"!

Ray Conniff