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40th Anniversary

About This Album

Produced by Ray Conniff
Arranger/Conductor: Ray Conniff
Engineer: Dick Bogert (Ray's engineer since 1974)
Recording Supervisor: Perry La Marca

Recorded on 48 Track Digital at O'Henry Studios
Burbank, California June 19th through June 23rd, 1995.

Mixed, edited and mastered on 48 track Digital at O'Henry Studios
Burbank, California June 24th through July 2nd, 1995

Acoustic and Electric Piano Solos: Pete Jolly
Electric Guitar Solos: John Chiodini
Trombone Solos: Ray Conniff
Choral Assistant to Ray: Dave Theriault
Cover Concepts: Vera Conniff
Design: Dyer/Mutchnick Group
Photographer: Ron Slenzak
Spanish Language Coach: Arturo Salas

Special thanks to Tomas Muñoz of Sony Music International who made this whole project possible.

Liner notes

Congratulations Ray! For more than 40 years, your music has inspired and pleased people all over the world. Your latest album of Latin music will be a great addition to any Ray Conniff collection. I'll add it to mine.

Warm regards,

"Felicidades Ray por esos cuarenta años de trabajo y de exito. Espero que sigas dandonos muchos mas."


I would like to congratulate Ray Conniff on this very special occasion in his very successful and long career as a recording artist. As a young man of 20 years, I met Ray. And under his direction and arrangements, I recorded "It's Not For Me To Say," "Chances Are," "When Sunny Gets Blue," "Wonderful, Wonderful," etc, etc, etc. You get the picture!!! Our collaboration resulted in the most important recordings of my career.

Ray Conniff is my dear friend and treasure.




There's a new sound in store for you on this album. It was first introduced during the Ray Conniff Fan Club Convention in Basel, Switzerland on July 1, 1995. If you listen carefully, you'll hear sonorous string sounds flowing in and out of the usual Brass, Reed, Rhythm and Voice Chorus patterns.
I hope you enjoy it. Happy Listenin'!

Ray Conniff