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30 anos de sucesso


CD: CBS 700.061 (Brazil)
CD: Columbia 700.061 (Brazil
CD: Columbia 700.061/2-450308 (Brazil, "The Master" series)
CD: Columbia 2-450308 (Brazil) (post BMG, no "Compact Disc" logo on cover)

Doug's comments

On the first digital transfer of this album (CBS 700.061 and later Columbia 700.061, with the white back cover), the edits between tracks were not clean. Each track began with a faint echo of the tail of the previous track and was noticable when listening with headphones. It appears a new transfer was made with the album was reissued as part of "The Master" series. Later pressings by Sony/BMG Brazil dropped the CDDA logo from the cover and removed the 700.061 number from the packaging.

None of the CD pressings included the original back cover photo, credits or liner notes.