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Do Ray Para o Rei

About This Album

This album was recorded in September 2000 and released in Brazil on November 23, 2000 (Abril Music 5208003-2). It is a tribute to Brazilian composer Roberto Carlos who is known as the "king" (the title translates to "Of Ray for the King").

Distributed by Abril Music under license from Ivy Music / Ray Conniff.
This master recording is owned and copyrighted by Ivy Music / Ray Conniff.
(c) 2000 Ivy Music / Ray Conniff
(p) 2000 Ivy Music / Ray Conniff

Album notes:

Arranged, Produced, and Conducted by Ray Conniff

Recorded and mixed on September 13 to September 23, 2000 at Private Island Trax, Hollywood, California. The sound engineers were Dick Bogert and his assistant Bernard Gresez. The recording sessions were supervised byPerry La Marca. Piano solos, keyboard and synthesizer programming done by Perry La Marca. Trombone solos were played by Ray Conniff. Trumpet solos by Don Clarke and Darrel Gardner. This album was mastered by Bernie Grundman Studios in Hollywood, California by Chris Bellman.

Art Director: Marcus Wagner (Brazil)


Laura Savitz

1st Soprano

Sandy Howell

2nd Soprano

Erin Theriault

1st Alto

Lisa Semko

2nd Alto

Jeff Gunn

1st Tenor

Enoch Asmuth

2nd Tenor

David Loucks

1st Baritone

Jeff Dolan

2nd Baritone & contractor
Dave Theriault assistant vocal contractor



Darrel Gardner

1st Trumpet

Donald Clarke

2nd Trumpet

Don Smith

3rd Trumpet

Jack Redmond

1st Trombone

Bob Payne

2nd Trombone

Ernie Tack

Bass Trombone

John Bambridge

1st Alto Sax

David Hill

2nd Alto Sax
Brian Scanlon 1st Tenor Sax

Phil Peather

2nd Tenor Sax

Jennifer Hall

Baritone Sax

Greg Huckens

Alto Flute

Jerry White

Jim Lum Guitars
Fred Cooper Music Contractor

Liner notes

A note from Ray:

I would like to express my sincere thanks to those of you who have supported my music over the many years that I have been recording. Music has been a wonderful part of my life and it has been you the fans who have made that wonderful life possible.

May God bless you all,
Ray Conniff

Doug's comments

Additional notes about this album:

The new album was recorded in stages: Together with Perry La Marca the maestro produced tracks with a combination of synthesizers, brushes on the snare drum played by Jerry White and many guitar overdubs played by Jim Lum who also works on Perry's projects. Then these tracks were taken to the "Private Island Trax" studio in Hollywood, and brass and saxes (3 sessions) and then singers (3 sessions) were recorded and mixed.

Although Ray previously recorded most of the tracks for various albums, fans may expect slightly different arrangements and a more contemporary "radio-ready" sound on these new recordings. "Nossa Senhora" is the only track not previously recorded by Ray.

  1. Lembranças (first appeared on Exclusivamente Latino)
  2. Nossa Senhora (not previously recorded by Ray)
  3. Amigo (first appeared on Exclusivamente Latino)
  4. Emoções (first appeared on Amor, Amor)
  5. Meu Querido, Meu Velho, Meu Amigo (first appeared on Exclusivamente Latino)
  6. Café da Manhã (first appeared on Entre Amigos)
  7. Detalhes (first appeared on Exitos Latinos)
  8. Cama e Mesa (first appeared on Amor, Amor)
  9. A Distância (first appeared on Exitos Latinos)
  10. Lady Laura (first appeared on Entre Amigos)
  11. Amiga (first appeared on Fantastico)
  12. O Amor e a Moda (first appeared on Supersonico)