Ray Conniff In Moscow

There have been at least ten versions of the Ray Conniff In Moscow Lp. Thanks to Igor Karpov, Michael Leach, Manfred Thoenicke, and Bob Whitby I am able to provide additional information about the various Lp releases.

Ray Conniff In Moscow (Russian)

The cover on the left appeared on at least four different Russian pressings:

1. Moscow - fold out cover featuring a 12 x 12 photo of the Conniff family on the back cover. Inside there are ten black and white photos from the recording sessions plus notes and titles in English and Russian. (Incidentally, Igor has never found a fold-out cover for a single Lp by any other artist on the Melodiya label!) C60-05499-500

2. Moscow - same as above but includes a 2nd Lp: Alone Again (Naturally). No mention is made of the second album on the album cover.

3. Moscow - ordinary cover with liner notes and titles in English and Russian as well as three black and white photos from the recording sessions on the back cover. 33 C 60-05499-500

4. Moscow (?) - same as above but features liner notes in Russian only. 33 C 60-05499-500

5. Aprelevka (small town near Moscow) - liner notes and titles in English and Russian but without the three photos on the back covers. 33 C60-05499-500(a)

6. Riga (capital of the Latvia) - The cover on the right appeared on two Ray Conniff albums but with different colors.

On In Moscow, the colors are green and brown. There are no photos or liner notes and all of the writing is in Cirillic. The back cover only shows 11 titles but all 12 of the songs appear on the Lp. The back cover is blue lettering on a white background. 33C60-05499-500

The colors on Alone Again (Naturally) are blue and red. As with the above Lp, there are no notes and the writing is in Cirillic. The back cover is brown lettering on a white background. C60-05259-60

At this time, I can only reproduce this cover in black & white. However, I will rescan the cover in color at some point in the future.

In Moscow (Tashkent)

7. Tashkent (capital of the Uzbekistan). There are no photos of Ray on the covers. Like the Riga Lp above, there are no liner notes and all of the writing is in Cirillic. C60-05500

8, Spain - released as "Ray Conniff En Moscu" on CBS S-80744 with a new cover photo. The back cover shows 8 of Ray's other Lps released in Spain.

9. Peru - released as "En Moscú" on CBS SE-8376. The back cover shows slightly different cover illustrations than appear on the Lp from Spain.

In Moscow (Spain)
In Moscow (Argentina)

10. Argentina - released as "En Moscú" with the original cover photo on CBS 19.469 (also shows as C60-05499 on the record label). The songs are listed in Spanish and English.


This compilation Lp from Brazil features tracks from Ray Conniff In Moscow and Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong. CBS 137908

The Lp is simply titled "Ray Conniff" and the songs included are:

Side 1: Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song / A Little Prince / My Melody Of Love / Moscow Windows / My Eyes Adored You / I Need You Baby
Side 2: Ray Conniff In Moscow / Lovin' You / Horses, The Beasts / Only Yesterday / A Song Of Ghena, Crocodile / The Best of My Love

In Moscow compilation from Brazil

The cover on the left is not from an Lp but instead what appears to be a periodical. It is approximately the size of a 45rpm single and has 16 pages plus covers and 6 double sided floppy discs which are bound with a ring type of binder. To play the discs one would fold back the remaining pages and put the entire booklet on the turntable. There are various articles and the music on the floppies relate to these and are numbered accordingly.

The song titles on the one featuring Ray and the Russian album are Ray Conniff In Moscow with a commentary voice over, The Happy Day, The Birch Sap, and Ray Conniff In Moscow. The record number on the Conniff side (which is side 11 of 12 sides) is 92-04699/1-1.

Special thanks to Michael Leach for providing the cover scan and details.

In late 1999 / early 2000, the Lp was finally reissued on CD in Russia (music boheme CDBMR 907078 / Melodiya MEL CD 60 00453). Neither the original cover art or liner notes were reproduced for the CD reissue.
In Moscow CD

After CBS Records struck a deal with Melodiya in the early 1970s, several Ray Conniff Lps were released in Russia. Below is a complete list of albums released by Melodiya for the Russian market:

Alone Again (Naturally), C60-05259-60
Ray Conniff In Moscow, C60-05499-500
Laughter In The Rain, C60-07215-6
Rhapsody In Blue, C60 25061 007 (compilation LP)
Lulluby of the Leaves, C60 25367 007 (compilation LP)

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