1. Love Me Tonight
  2. A Time For Us
  3. Love (Can Make You Happy)
  4. The Windmills Of Your Mind
  5. Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In
  6. Jean
  7. A Man Without Love
  8. I'll Never Fall In Love Again (L.Donegan)
  9. Spinning Wheel
  10. The Power Of Love
  11. Shadows Of The Night (Quentin's Theme)

The Recording Sessions for This Album were Supervised and Produced by Jack Gold
Arranged and Conducted by Ray Conniff
The Sound Was Supervised by Bob Ballard
Cover photo: Frank Bez.

Original LP liner notes:

This, like every Ray Conniff album, is an adventure. An aural experience that cannot be duplicated. Ray's musical contributions to our contemporary culture are no accident. This recording, in a way, is just like his previous records in that it reflects the taste and expertise of Ray Conniff, the man, and the talent and creativity of Ray Conniff, the artist. But, as with each new Conniff offering, it is as new and exciting as each sunrise, exposing yet another side of the Conniff mystique... his timeliness. Ray's timeliness shows not only in his choice of repertory but in its presentation; making every Conniff album a unique experience.
JEAN offers two special examples of Ray's taste, timeliness and creativity. The beautiful girl on the cover is Ray's wife, Vera, and The Power of Love is Ray's own composition. The first, an obvious example of impeccable taste and the second, a demonstration of the versatile timeliness, talent and creativity of the composer and artist.
A very poor and overworked man was once asked why he was so happy and excited every morning. He replied, "'Cause I ain't never seen this day before."
So be it... you ain't never heard this record before. — Tom Riley

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