Great Contemporary Instrumental HitsGreat Contemporary Instrumental Hits

  1. Happy Together
  2. It's Too Late
  3. I Don't Know How To Love Him
  4. A Taste Of Honey
  5. Never Can Say Goodbye
  6. Conniff's Dance Of The Hours
  7. Tijuana Taxi
  8. Put Your Hand In The Hand
  9. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  10. Delilah
  11. Superstar

Produced by Jack Gold
Arranged and Conducted by Ray Conniff
Sound Supervision by Bob Ballard
Engineers — Jack Lattig, Bob Breault and George Beauregard
Front cover photo by Don Peterson / Back cover photo by Brian Hennessey

Original LP liner notes:

This album is especially designed to please the many, many fans throughout the world who have recently written asking me to once again do arrangements without lyrics, featuring the same Ray Conniff Singers. I hope you will enjoy the album. — Ray Conniff

The caption below the original back cover photo:

The above picture shows Ray with his A C Cobra sports car which is his pride and joy, since he is an avid auto racing fan, as well as an occasional race driver.

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