Dance The Bop! / En Español!Dance The Bop / En Espanol

  1. Walkin' The Bop
  2. The Drop
  3. Just Boppin'
  4. Doin' The Twister
  5. The Flea Hop
  6. Cross Over
  7. Walkin' The Bop Again
  8. Swingin' The Bop
  9. Hand Around
  10. Play A Gittar Solo
  11. The Spinner
  12. Honky-Tonk Rock Around
  13. Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo
  14. Usted (Mam'selle)
  15. Arriesgando En Amor (Taking A Chance On Love)
  16. Eso Es Felicidad (Happiness Is )
  17. Lagrimas Invisibles (Invisible Tears)
  18. Dias De Vino Y Rosas (Days Of Wine And Roses)
  19. El Amor Es Algo Maravilloso (Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing)
  20. Chao Chao (Downtown)
  21. Mi Corazon (Dear Heart)
  22. Todos Aman A Alguien (Everybody Loves Somebody)
  23. Rosas Rojas Para Una Dama Triste (Red Roses For A Blue Lady)
  24. Creemos En El Amor (Three Coins In The Fountain)

Bop alternate coverThis most unusual pairing of albums was scheduled to be released on September 28, 1999 (Collectables Records COL-CD-6091 / Sony A-31182) but was delayed until December. Does anyone know if the cover on the right was actually released on CD?

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For the original liner notes and photos, please see Dance The Bop! and En Español.

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