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Photo Galleries

October 2013 - We've just begun reloading the photo gallery from the old site. Stay tuned!

  • Final proofs for the Ray Conniff Christmas Show DVD+CD (courtesy of Tamara Conniff, October 16, 2013)
  • Doug Mitchell collection - mostly press photos, some studio photos.
  • Clemens Krauss collection - a sampling of some of Clemens' scans. Several more to be uploaded.
  • We've Only Just Begun music book photos (photos scanned by Roel Bautista in 1999)
  • Igor Karpov collection (Ray Conniff In Moscow) - Below are Igor's notes about the photos. Thanks, Igor!
    #1-4 & #8-10 photos taken by Vladimir Zhukov. I found him in Moscow with his wife Marietta Rudina who worked as director of musical programs on old soviet TV. They told how first time they met Ray Conniff at recording studio "Melodia" and details his appearance in popular musical TV program.

    Seems #5-7 photos has been taken by other person, not Vladimir. #5,6 were purchased by me from photostock "Fotobank" without any additional data about author. #7 was founded in web, from photo album of Tatiana Korshilava (you may see her on this photo) who was famous in 1970s as creator of several musical TV programs together with Marietta Rudina.

    #11-12 photos from collection of sound engineer Rafik Ragimov who worked on album "Ray Connif in Moscow" as assistant of sound engineer Victor Babushkin. You may see Rafik's face on photo #9 on the left. Also on photo #11 there from the left to right: Rafik Ragimov - Victor Babushkin - Ray Conniff - unknown person.

    #13 photos from magazine "Soviet life" (1975) published in USA.

    #15 photo scanned from book by Gleb Skorokhodov, editor of all-union radio station. You may see him with soviet LP on the left.

    #14 & 16 photos scanned from magazine "People" (1975). Here photographer Arkadiy Gershman take photos for LP artwork.