I Will SurviveI Will Survive

  1. I Will Survive
  2. Reunited
  3. I Want Your Love
  4. She Believes In Me
  5. Practice Makes Perfect
  6. If Not For You
  7. Hallelujah
  8. The Twenty-Third Psalm
  9. Little Music Box Dancer
  10. Love You Inside Out

This album was reissued on CD in Britain (1994).

Executive Producer: Jack Gold
Producer: Ray Conniff
Engineer: Dick Bogert
Arrangements: Ray Conniff
Special thanks to Ron Hicklin for his work with the Ray Conniff Singers.
Acoustic and Rhodes Electric Piano Solos: Pete Jolly
Vocal Solo on "She Believes In Me": Gene Morford
Recorded at A&M Studios, Hollywood, California, U.S.A.
Photography: Charles Bush

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