This Is My SongThis Is My Song

  1. This Is My Song
  2. Mame
  3. Sunrise, Sunset
  4. Cabaret
  5. Strangers In The Night
  6. What Now My Love
  7. My Cup Runneth Over
  8. Winchester Cathedral
  9. The World Will Smile Again
  10. Georgy Girl
  11. Born Free

Recording Sessions Supervised and Produced by Jack Gold
Sound Supervised by Bob Ballard
"Mame" and "Cabaret" produced by Jack Wiedenmann

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Original LP liner notes:

Join the renowned Ray Conniff and The Singers in their fresh, new and exciting collection of today's big hits.
Ray's arrangements are as zestful and contemporary as the songs themselves. And of course The Singers, exhibiting all of their accustomed versatility, match Ray and the songs, mood for mood.
Ray Conniff wants you to accept THIS IS MY SONGS as your album. It's an opportunity not to be missed. Take it.

Ray and The Singers

The above photo was taken while Ray and The Singers were recording
Winchester Cathedral. The unusual effected produced by The Singers
using megaphones was used only on this number.

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