Always In My HeartAlways In My Heart

  1. Maria Elena (Always In My Heart)
  2. Ramona
  3. Don't Cry For Me Argentina
  4. La Violetera (Who Will Buy My Violets)
  5. La Vie En Rose
  6. Fernando
  7. Theme From "A Summer Place" (A Tribute To Percy Faith)
  8. Valencia
  9. Blowin' In The Wind
  10. Adios Muchachos

Columbia House released an alternate version which substituted "Fernando" with "Are You Lonesome Tonight" (Columbia 1CD 7801). Later pressings of the Columbia House version substituted Realm Records for the Columbia logo.

Discos CBS International released this album on cassette but retitled it Maria Elena.

Picture of Ray ConniffEngineer: Dick Bogert
Recorded July 7-14, 1987 at Evergreen Recording Studios in Burbank, CA
Piano and Electric Piano Solos: Pete Jolly
Trumpet Solos: Zeke Zarchy
Choral Assistant to Ray: Gene Merlino
Extra Special Thanks to Marco Bissi and Tomas Munoz
Photography: Dominick

A special note from Ray:

Those of you who like to listen on Walkman earphones will hear a noise on "Don't Cry For Me Argentina." It occurs in the first verse on the line: "Although she's dressed up to the nines." There's nothing wrong with your equipment, disc or cassette. It's the sound of the bass player's finger making a glissando on the metal string! I left it in for good luck. Happy listening. I hope you like the album.

Ray Conniff

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