Laughter In The Rain (2nd cover)Laughter In The Rain

  1. Laughter In The Rain
  2. I Honestly Love You
  3. Sundown
  4. Angie Baby
  5. Mandy
  6. Seasons In The Sun
  7. Eres Tu
  8. Cat's In The Cradle
  9. Feel Like Makin' Love
  10. (You're) Having My Baby

The first U.S. cover featured a sketch of Ray and his family (below left) which was also used on the Canadian and Mexican pressings. At Ray's request, the cover was altered to show the original photo instead of the sketch (shown above). In the U.K. the album was called Mandy and had a more colorful cover (below right). The Russian version has a cropped photo on a black background (not shown).

Produced by Jack Gold
Arranged and conducted by Ray Conniff
Engineered by Dick Bogert
Illustration: Ignacio Gomez
Art direction: Nancy Donald

Laughter In The Rain (1st cover)Mandy

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