You Make Me Feel So YoungYou Make Me Feel So Young

  1. You Make Me Feel So Young
  2. My Old Flame
  3. Patricia, It's Patricia
  4. An Affair To Remember
  5. Lulluby Of The Leaves
  6. In The Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening
  7. Caravan
  8. Solitude
  9. Third Man Theme
  10. What Kind Of Fool Am I
  11. With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
  12. Frenesi

Produced by Ernie Altschuler
Production Supervisor: Bob Ballard
Cover photo: Frank Bez

Clavietta solo: Ray Conniff
Piano solo: Enie Hughes
Trumpet solos: Jimmy Salko & Conrad Gozzo
Guitar solo: Al Henderickson
Flute solo: John Lowe

Original LP liner notes:

Different... distinctive... always delightful, best describe the skillful blending of sound and rhythm that add up to the special styling of Ray Conniff. Acting in the capacity of conductor-arranger, Conniff uses the combination of orchestra and chorus to acheive an effect that is all at once original and pleasing to the ear. Female voices, for example, double with trumpets, high saxophones or clarinets; male voices with trombones, trumpets or saxophones in the low register.

Although the musical mood changes with each selection, the same excitement and capacity to make you feel so young are always evident. Ray Conniff's in charge — and he's etched his name on every note!

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