I Can See Clearly NowI Can See Clearly Now

  1. I Can See Clearly Now
  2. If You Don't Know Me By Now
  3. It Never Rains In Southern California
  4. Ben
  5. Summer Breeze
  6. Clair
  7. I Believe In Music
  8. If I Could Reach You
  9. Something's Wrong With Me
  10. I Am Woman
  11. I'd Love You To Want Me

The CD was reissued in Brazil with the bonus track "Sleepy Shores" (but missing the first note). The sound quality of the Brazilian CD was very poor; hopefully it will be reissued by Collectables in the United States.

Producer — Jack Gold
Arranger and Conductor — Ray Conniff
Engineer — Eric Prestidge
Art Direction — Ron Coro
Collage — Joe Garnett
Photo of Twiggy — Justin deVilleneuve
The part of Clair is played by Ray's daughter Tamara.

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