Concert In Rhythm Vol 2 / The Perfect 10 ClassicsConcert In Rhythm Vol. 2 / The Perfect "10" Classics

  1. An Improvisation On "Liebestraum"
  2. Yours Is My Heart Alone
  3. An Improvisation On "None But The Lonely Heart"
  4. I'll See You Again
  5. An Improvisation On "My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice"
  6. An Improvisation On The Fibich "Poeme"
  7. Warsaw Concerto
  8. An Improvisation On Chopin's "Nocturne In E Flat"
  9. An Improvisation On "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy"
  10. Favorite Themes From Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony
  11. Favorite Themes From Grieg's A Minor Concerto
  12. One Fine Day (From "Madame Butterfly")
  13. Ravel's Bolero
  14. Mini Minuet (In G)
  15. Improvisation On Carmen
  16. Lullaby For Tamara
  17. An Improvisation On Pagliacci
  18. A Bit Of Beethoven
  19. Theme For Elise
  20. Boogie Woogie Humoresque
  21. Melody From Mozart
  22. Mozart In Latin

This "Limited Edition" Russian bootleg has no label or catalog number. Although the cover of Concert In Rhythm Vol. II is very similar to the one from Brazil, a poor quality mono recording was used for this CD. The Perfect "10" Classics sounds good but not perfect. There is a bit of uneven surface noise which makes me suspect this was copied from an Lp.

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